Sunday, 8 July 2012

YOHAN BLAKE: Why they call him ‘The Beast’

Since moving to Kingston in 2008 to join the Racer’s Track Club, sprinter Yohan Blake has earned a nickname. And it has stuck. “Why do they call me the Beast? Because even when we have breaks I still train. On Christmas break, Coach Mills has to call and say, ‘You are on a break. You need to take some rest,” Blake tells UK’s The Independent.

That sort of drive and work ethic mixed with intense focus and discipline is paying off handsomely – and on the eve of arguably the biggest event of Blake’s life so far: the London Summer Olympics, which is expected to get going on Friday, July 27.

Erasing all doubts about what he’s capable of delivering on the track, the 22-year-old emerged the big man of Jamaica’s recent National Senior Championships (and Olympic Trials) with confident, showstopping wins in the final of the Men’s 100 and 200 M, relegating training partner Usain Bolt to second place in both races. Everyone agrees that Blake is a sure-bet contender for a medal in London.

“That is how I work. When you guys are sleeping at night, I am out working,” says the former St. Jago High star. “That’s why they call me the Beast. I work twice as hard as everybody else.”

And when he’s not in ‘Beast’ mode? Blake, also the current World 100 M champion, says he prefers to stay at home playing dominoes rather than going out partying.

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  1. He is yet to beat Usain's World Record so I really do not see why evryone is drooling over the fact that the Beast may have upstaged the Lightning. If Usain was to beat the Beast then he would probly have to break another world record to do so and then erase the taste of excitement for the Olympics!