Thursday, 2 August 2012

BACK IN THE DAY: Neville Bell on his sporty childhood and mama’s punishment

ALL GROWN UP: Bell, circa 2011.

Like so many other accomplished Jamaicans, Neville ‘Bertis’ Bell enjoyed a happy Jamaican childhood, complete with sports and boyish mischief. In the latest issue of Buzzz Magazine, the broadcaster and soccer coach reminisces on the good ole days and the athletic kid he used to be:

On being an all-rounder:
"We used to play cricket in the gully behind the house and we actually got very good at it. Mama nevva know ‘bout it, at least I don’t think so. Everybody I knew as a youngster could play almost every sport – football, cricket, tennis, table tennis – and that surprise me now that I think about it because dat doan happen now. Pickney dem now just into computer and jus’ lock up inna di house. We were outside playing, every single chance we got."

On his mother's tough love: "Mama had a punishment for us that to this day mek mi nevva like har suh much: Nuh matter what time of day it was, the punishment was to go to your room. But not just go to your room, but go to your room AND put on yuh pajamas. Coulda miggle day, shi nevva care. Ah nevva si a punishment hurt mi suh much."

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