Wednesday, 29 August 2012

UP RISING: Young Jamaican filmmakers making giant strides

LONDON CALLING: Christopher Byfield’s multi-award-winning Red Amber Green continues to give new meaning to ‘the little film that could.’ After hitting important film festivals from here to New York to Belize, Byfield is setting sail for Europe. Come August 31, his film will grace the screen, along with a host of other indie gems, at the Portobello Film Festival inside London’s Westbourne Studios. Created in 1996, the PFF emerged as an antidote to the archaic state of the British film industry and to provide emerging filmmakers with a forum and exposure to movies on different formats. In the meantime, Byfield has revealed that he currently has a new project in the works which he hopes will top – or even match – the triumphs of Red Amber Green.

ISLAND STORYTELLERS: As they continue to bolster their mission of bringing a modern and more innovative slant to Caribbean filmmaking, the diligent team behind New Caribbean Cinema are getting set to unveil their latest effort, Ring Di Alarm!, a vignette-style release featuring works by six filmmakers that explore powerful, sometimes dark, themes in the vast Jamaican storybook. Among the offerings are Nile Saulter’s “Coast” and Joel Burke’s “My Vote”, while the versatile cast boasts such stars as Roger Guenver Smith, Oneil Peart, Chris Hutchinson and Tesfa Edwards. Ring Di Alarm! will debut with a world premiere on September 2 at the British Film Institute in Southbank, London. To learn more, visit

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  1. Are these feature-length films? "Vignette style" sounds like a short.