Wednesday, 22 August 2012

BITS & PIECES: Paul Campbell’s latest star turn; Forbes on social media; Alexander Cooper’s new exhibit

FILM: Directed by Jamaican-born Adrian Allen and penned by Tedrick Huff and Mark Bridge, the new indie film Heart of Summer was shot in South Florida utilizing the talents of local actor, including the acclaimed Paul Campbell, who steps out of his past rough and tough roles to portray a pious overprotective father. It’s the story of crazy-in-love couple, played by Tesh Beckham (Naomi) and Lex Kelly-Meade (Omari), who exude the innocence of young love as they battle to break through the disapproval of a stern, single parent, played by Campbell.

BOOK: On Thursday, August 23, Bookophilia will host the launch of the first Jamaican book on social media, Streaming: Social Media, Mobile Lifestyles (Vol.1) by Dr. Marcia Forbes. In the book, Forbes combines fascinating stories to explain and support her research findings about what people do online. Here, ‘online’ refers not only to the Internet, but also cell phones. Hundreds of 17-30 year olds from four countries describe how they use Facebook and Twitter, and what their mobile phone means to them.

VISUAL ART: After a lengthy hiatus from the exhibition scene, Alexander Cooper is back in full force. As Jamaica marks its golden anniversary, Cooper is celebrating his own 50-year milestone with a new exhibit at the Mutual Gallery titled “50 Years – Then and Now”. The exhibition, which opened last Thursday, is on view through September 7.

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