Sunday, 12 August 2012

BORN TO BE WILD: Why is Yohan Blake’s pose more ‘Catman’ than ‘Beast’?

CAT POWER: Who's afraid of the big, bad Beast?

Star sprinter and two-time Olympic silver medallist Yohan Blake, every chance he gets, makes a point of reminding us that he’s one they call Beast. And his ferocious style of sprinting down the track certainly backs up that claim to fame.

So that’s why it’s all the more puzzling that his recently debuted signature pose (see Exhibit B above) lacks that same beastly conviction. More Catman than Beast, it’s serving up pure camp – not vicious or intimidating as it should be. And I’m not the only one who’s taken notice. “The beast move that Yohan does looks more like a cat than a monster. Hell, it looks more like a move from Michael Jackson’s Thriller video,” blogger Sean Bennett recently posted on his Twitter page.

Lorna Cooper agrees. “The man can run, but Yohan Blake needs another pose. The beast thing looks like he’s messed up the zombie dance in Thriller,” she notes. As for Black Zuckerberg, “Yohan Blake needs to change his crouching tiger hidden dragon pose tho.”

So, the verdict: Yohan’s Beast pose is a tad too campy to be taken seriously. Perhaps it just needs some more work. Wheel an’ come again, Blake. Give us a Beast with a little terror.

WILD THING: Chris Gayle makes it his own.

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  1. A true unnuh a talk but me love him said way! Way to go Yohan! galang wid u 'beastly' self hehehe

  2. Oh no! I disagree!! If he must call himself "The Beast" then why does it have to be mean and threatening and macho? Don't we have enough "terror" already in Jamaica? Why should it be vicious or intimidating?

    His pose is kind of cute. I like it.

    And Chris Gayle is just a big show-off. Can't compete with the runners at any level. But then, I'm not a cricket fan.

  3. I love his pose. People who don't are badmind. When Bolt started doing his lightening bolt pose people complained of showboating and now it's a signature pose done by even Prince Harry. Go Yohan!