Tuesday, 14 August 2012

CAUGHT IN THE ACT: Bay-C + Tahnida Nunes + Sanjay + Alex McCalla + Travis Smikle + Craigy T + PM Simpson-Miller

THE BRITISH ARE COMING: Aug. 8, St. Andrew. With gift-wrapped token in hand, PM Portia Simpson-Miller engages in conversation with Chancellor Kenneth Clarke, the United Kingdom's Secretary of State for Justice, who recently paid a courtesy call on Jamaica House. Among the matters discussed: the strengthening of relations between both states and the rehabilitation of convicted felons deported from the UK. (Photo: OPM)

ON THE RECORD: Aug. 12, Kingston. This week's guest in the Blackberry Lounge of Digicel Stars, T.O.K's Craigy T, keeps it real with host Sanjay, whose own recording career remains active. The singer-deejay last week debuted his newest track, a throbbing jam titled "She Want Fi Party," off the Overtime Riddim. (Photo: Digicel)

IN TUNE: Aug. 12, Kingston. Debuting a new single on Sunday's Digicel Stars live show, guest performers Alistair 'Alex' McCalla and Roshaun 'Bay-C' Clarke (and their T.O.K bandmates) brought their trademark energetic delivery to the stage. (Photo: Digicel)

FEELS LIKE HOME: Aug. 13, Kingston. Back in the island from the London Olympics, handsome discus-thrower Travis Smikle and a few other Team Jamaica athletes were greeted on their arrival at Norman Manley on Monday by a Digicel party, led by radiant sponsorship manager Tahnida Nunes. (Photo: Digicel)

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  1. The deportation issue is a tricky one. Nice to see Travis Smikle. Don't know who the other people are.