Sunday, 19 August 2012

DRAMA QUEEN: At 75, Leonie Forbes still commands our full attention

YEARS WITHOUT FEAR: Ms. Forbes reflects.

With a legendary acting career to rival the best of them, the respect of a multi-generational legion of admirers – and a candid new memoir dropping later this month, Leonie Forbes, 75, is still a woman for all seasons. Reflecting on the girl she was and the iconic woman she became, Forbes recently sat down with the Style Observer. Below, TALLAWAH eavesdrops on the conversation:

On working with Oscar-winning legend Dame Judi Dench:

“The first television work I got – Dixon of Dock Green – on BBC, I was in a cast where she was the star. I found her tremendously helpful and generous and an open spirit. Anything she did you could learn from it. That was my first big lucky break.

On life lessons gleaned from a life on stage and screen:

“If you want to do something you have to go flat-out. You can’t go half-way. You can’t be tentative. You can’t out your toe in… you have to jump in, or at least walk in. You have to be aware and make provisions for the sacrifices you have to make.”

On debuting her long-awaited autobio this month:

“It’s almost unbelievable to think that I am this point where they are going to launch something that I have something to do with. It’s a marvelous feeling, but it also terrifying because I don’t know if folks will like it or if they will think I said too much or too little because I don’t spell out anybody really. That’s not the object of the exercise.

On what the future holds for her:

“I would like to read audio books as long as the teeth are in place and the eyes are behaving, and the tongue is under control. For a couple of years in Canada, that is what I was doing. I would like if I settle off doing that – books for the sight-impaired.

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