Thursday, 16 August 2012

YOHAN'S RINGING STYLE: Sharply dressed, Blake becomes first non-cricketer to ring bell at Lord’s

RINGING IN: Blake is all smiles as he soaks up the applause.

“I feel honoured,” says a handsomely attired Yohan Blake, referring to the invitation he received to ring the bell on Thursday to signal the start of play in the third and final Test match in the Investec series between England and South Africa, hosted on the grounds of Lord’s. Looking sharp in his dark suit and red tie, Blake was the first non-cricketer to perform the duty. A spirited round of applause from the gentlemen gathered for the occasion greeted him in the end, as he, of course, displayed his now-signature Beast pose.

An avid cricket fan himself and now the holder of three Olympic medals, Blake (who turns 23 in December) is already looking forward to the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. “I’m really going to go fast,” he later remarked in an interview with Lord’s TV. “The naked eye can’t catch me. You’ll need some binoculars or something because the generations keep getting faster and the technology also keeps getting better.”

Meantime, Blake will end his summer by participating in the popular Diamond League, including the big one – the Athletissima meeting in Switzerland, on August 23.

STRONG SUIT: The real 'Beast' was there too.

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  1. Make the most of it Yohan. You worked hard for it and so you deserve every moment of recognition. It is about time the Europeans realize that they are dealing with Princes.

  2. He looks good, doesn't he? Tyrone, we have set up an unofficial page on FB - The Unofficial Yohan Blake Appreciation Society. Planning to meet him at the airport for some hugs and meanwhile sharing links etc about our favorite runner!!