Sunday, 26 August 2012

INSIDE ASAFA’S WORLD: The track star talks surgery, fashion modelling, and his future in athletics

NEW HORIZON: "I’ve definitely thought about modelling," confesses Powell.

It’s been quite a year for Asafa Powell, the ace sprinter once considered the fastest human in history. But nothing has been more widely discussed about him than his recent failed bid for an Olympic medal at this summer’s London Games. And while speculation is rife whether he’s approaching the end of his injury-plagued career, Asafa says he's not rushing into any major decision just yet.

The LIME ambassador, who turns 30 in November, admitted as much in a sit-down interview at the company’s Kingston HQ last week, where he fielded a series of questions from fans supplied via social media. In the end, what emerged most compellingly was the track star’s guarantee that we haven’t seen the last of him yet.

On the road ahead:
“If I could read the future I would tell you. For now I’m keeping my focus on track-and-field. I have people dealing with the business aspect… I started up a new company, Irie Social, with my friends the other day, and we’re building on that.”

Ambitions for the 2016 Rio Olympics:
“I would like to be [there]. I’ll be working hard for it. Hopefully I don’t retire, seeing that I will be turning 34 in that year. I’ll be working hard. Hopefully I can improve my times and start to run some real fast times again. And if I can do that I’ll be there.”

Groin injury since 2005 and treatment:
“I wouldn’t wish a groin injury on my worst enemies. I would take a hamstring injury any day over a groin injury because the groin injury doesn’t really get better. It keeps flaring up because I’m such an explosive starter. It keeps coming back. And to be honest, I don’t work as hard as I should. But I think I can do a lot more on it than I was doing before. It’s hard to say, but I’m not gonna do any surgery. It’s not something I want to rush into because I know what my body feels like and what it can do.”

His passion for music: “It’s something I could pursue. My brother is a music teacher and he’s also a writer, but it’s something I can [also] do. But if you want to get me to perform a song you have to give me like a month in advance to prepare mentally for it. (Laughs). Sometimes I get very shy.”

Supermodel potential:
“I’ve definitely thought about modelling. I need an agent. So, yeah, I’ll get into that. It’s something that’s very possible since everyone thinks I’m so sexy. (Laughs).

When he’s happiest:
“When I’m sitting around a steering, that’s when I’m most happy. And if it’s [a fast car] I’ll have a big smile on my face. Cars are my love.”

Single or seeing someone special?: “I’m in a relationship with God.”

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  1. A sexy supermodel with an ongoing groin injury that he doesn't want to get fixed. OK fine. But please lose that beard, Asafa!