Sunday, 26 August 2012

LEAPS OF FAITH: A Letter from the Editor

The jubilation over the London Olympics, Jamaica’s golden anniversary, and the journey ahead remains palpable islandwide, but there’s a thick fog of uncertainty about the future that threatens to overshadow our buzz. As such, it has become increasingly important that we put things into perspective. And what’s more important than the next chapter in the evolution of our culture?

As a globally celebrated people standing on the cusp of a new half-a-century, any national conversation at this time has got to be centred on the idea of Where Do We Go From Here? And it has largely become TALLAWAH’s mission, as the leader in the field, to point the way.

This month’s cover subject Etana – powerhouse vocalist, wife, expectant mom, budding glamazon, role model – is vividly showing what can be achieved when you dream big, plan, and step out on faith. As the magazine reports in “She’s Every Woman,” not only is Etana getting set to put out her third solo album – and deliver a baby in the coming months – the wonder woman has newly set her sights on conquering the world of television, starting with the launch of her very own talk show (sometime in the near future), which, she says, will be a platform for motivating and empowering Jamaicans, particularly the young. Kudos, girl.

Sprinter Asafa Powell (“Inside Asafa’s World”) is another talented and ambitious soul intent on rising above challenges – injury, detractors – to push the limits of what he can do (Rio 2016, Irie Social) and the man he can become (resurgent track star, successful businessman). As he prepares to step into his third decade on the planet come November, Powell is making it abundantly clear that, as far as his professional life goes, we haven’t seen the last of him yet.

And, finally, there’s the incomparable theatre maven Leonie Forbes (“Years Without Fear”), whom I have deeply admired for years. At 75, the iconic actress has released her first memoir, Leonie: Her Autobiography, a priceless tome that I’m sure will go a long way in inspiring present and future generations about the limitless possibilities attendant to a life lived to the fullest. A life lived with hope and faith as trusted, constant companions. That sort of mantra, I believe, is also perfectly applicable to the existence of a nation.

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