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MODERN ROMANCE: Kibwe McGann dishes on the impending arrival of Bridal Week

FROM THIS MOMENT: Kibwe and Aiasha have eyes only for each other.

An entire week dedicated exclusively to the haute style, glamour and sheer merriment (mixed with a little business) one associates with the finest of nuptials? That’s precisely what Kibwe McGann and his team at Intuit Concepts had in mind when they embarked on a mission to bring a fresh and utterly modern bridal week to the city’s style landscape. Early next month will witness the advent of Kingston Bridal Week, complete with glitzy fashion shows, expos and a series of swanky affairs sure to leave folks talking. TALLAWAH gets an exclusive, behind-the-scenes sneak preview:

TALLAWAH: Where did the inspiration come from for a bridal week? Why was it important to bring it to life?
Kibwe McGann: The inspiration behind Kingston Bridal Week came from a desire to offer a better wedding exhibitor experience. As such, both Sean Lyn and myself travelled to several bridal and exhibitor shows, most notably Domincana Bridal Week [Dominican Republic], Tobago Fashion Week [T&T], and the Vegas shows [USA]. This certainly provided a rich source of ideas and a newfound understanding of how to present and structure an event of this nature. Having staged Wyndham Wedding Spectacular earlier this year [in February], we wanted to better that event's success. The wedding market/industry in Jamaica is massive, and with December/January being the new wedding season we thought that September would be great to bring this project to life.

Why is KBW worthy of patron support – and what will it uniquely offer to the local culture/style scene?
Kingston Bridal Week is not your regular show-and-tell expo. For the consumer/exhibitor shows [Sep 14-16], we wanted to develop a product that supported consumerism. Exhibitors will come with products and services for sale, and consumers can come expecting great deals and prices. This certainly changes the traditional expo experience. Designers for the fashion shows will also have a special one-day trunk show, where patrons can purchase the clothes presented at the fashion show. This again changes the dynamics of what is expected at a wedding show, as patrons can come every day and see new exhibitors.

Sounds fascinating…

The bridal fashion [Sep. 14-16] is not just about bridal fashion. We developed the KBW 'Honeymoon' shows geared at fashion after your big day: lingerie, swimwear, resortwear, club wear, etc. Some of the confirmed designers include Rebecca Ansah, who we will be flying in from the UK. She was voted one of the best new lingerie designers in the UK. Carlton Brown returns to the runway for the first time in 6yrs. We also have the celebrated Cedella Marley, Jae Jolly, Lubica, Nasolo and ASD designs. The fashion shows are twice daily, 1pm and 6pm.

And how will the week unfold come September? What can we expect?
On Monday, Sep. 10, we have our press launch. Tuesday & Wednesday, Sep 11-12, are the bridal days out, featuring discounted sales and services at participating exhibitor stores. On Thursday, Sep. 13, we’ll have a charity dinner at Ristorante Bacci at the Wyndham Kingston Hotel. Friday, Sep. 14, is slated for a VIP black-tie event. And Saturday-Sunday Sep 15-16: will feature fashion shows, catering shows and exhibitor/consumer shows.

TWIRL GIRL: Sexy Cindy Wright says yes to the dress.

THEY DO: Poolside at the Wyndham, Sean and Amanda are no average couple. (Photos: Contributed)

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  1. Is there really money to be made in Jamaica from weddings? Seems to me most Jamaicans don't get married in the first place. But it's a nice opportunity to dress up and show off some fashions, I suppose!

  2. WHAT????!!! you have no idea and youd be surprised to know how many foreigners get married here!

  3. whaaat??!! youd be surprised!