Tuesday, 7 August 2012

NEWS & NOTES: Peter Tosh awarded posthumous OM + Brigitte Foster-Hylton eyeing retirement

When the scores of national honours and awards are handed out on Heroes' Day during the traditional ceremony at King’s House, a posthumous Order of Merit, the nation’s third highest honour, will be bestowed in memory of fallen reggae legend Peter Tosh, a quarter of a century after his passing. As it happens, Tosh joins the rarefied ranks of such cultural icons as Prof. Rex Nettleford, Louise Bennett-Coverley and Bob Marley, who are members of that esteemed Order. In similar news, fellow Wailer Neville O’Riley Livingston (bka Bunny Wailer) has been appointed to the Order of Jamaica (OJ).

Will this summer’s London Olympics mark the final major outing of Brigitte Foster-Hylton’s athletic career? It would appear so. Following her shocking exit in the First Round of the 100M hurdles on Monday, Foster-Hylton informed journalists that she’s about to call it a day. “What I really wanted was an Olympic medal,” confessed the 37-year-old athlete, who has won gold, silver and bronze at the World Champs level. “It didn’t happen, so I’m moving along.”

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  1. All hail bridgette! You have done your country proud!