Sunday, 19 August 2012

ON THE SCENE: Usain Gold + Gerardo Lozano Arrendono + Natalie Heita-Headley + PM Portia Simpson-Miller

A STITCH IN TIME: Aug. 16, St. Andrew. PM Portia Simpson-Miller is delighted to receive a special scarf of traditional Southern Mexican design from the Ambassador for Mexico, Gerardo Lozano Arrendono, who made a courtesy call on Jamaica House last Thursday. Sports minister Natalie Heita-Headley was also in attendance. Simpson-Miller asked the ambassador to convey Jamaica’s thanks to his government for the scholarships offered to Jamaicans to study in Mexico, and said she expected more students to take up the academic opportunity this year. (Photo: OPM)

DOUBLE TAKE: Aug. 17, Britain. Looking fresh-faced and impeccably styled, Usain Gold arrives at the ITV Studios in London for a taping of The Jonathan Ross Show. The sprinter, who turns 26 on Tuesday, had a spirited chat with the talk-show host about his success and future plans, among other hot topics. (Photo:

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  1. The PM looks like, "What on earth is this? Oh, but it's very nice, of course..." in this photo.

    As for Usain, when is "the legend" coming back home to his adoring fans, I wonder? Or is he quite happy to continue profiling in London for a bit? He is much more media savvy than dear Yohan, though - he still needs a lot of coaching in that respect. It will come...