Sunday, 12 August 2012

OUT & ABOUT: Stephen Miller + Sanjay Smith + Shaggy + Safiya Cooper + Usain Gold

NIGHT VISION: August 6, Britain. Grammy winner Shaggy rocks a hooded Team Jamaica sweatshirt and a cool pair of shades as he arrives at the PUMA Yard (Brick Lane) in London on Independence Day to join in the Olympic and Golden Jubilee festivities. (Photo: Contact Music)

HEY, MR. DJ: August 11, Britain. Celebrating Jamaica's record-smashing triumph in the sprint relay on Saturday, Usain Gold was in high spirits as he showed off his turntable skills at the PUMA after-party held at PUMA Yard, Brick Lane in East London later that evening. (Photo: PUMA)

TOI ET MOI: Aug. 4, St. Ann. Charming lovebirds Safiya Cooper and Sanjay Smith were among the couples getting some quality time in at the SPF Weekend party series on the north coast over the Independence weekend. (Photo: SKKAN Media)

WEEKEND ESCAPE: Aug. 5, Westmoreland. Negril came alive over the Independence weekend with the annual beach party-themed Dream Weekend. LIME's Stephen Miller (seen here with a gorgeous female companion) joined the fun-filled mix. (Photo: SKKAN Media)

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