Sunday, 26 August 2012

SEPTEMBER BOOK PICKS: Buzzworthy new releases from Zadie Smith and Junot Díaz

PLEASURE PRINCIPLES: “[It] exhibits the potent blend of literary eloquence and street cred that earned him a Pulizer Prize. Díaz’s prose is vulgar, brave, and poetic.” That is precisely how O Magazine praises Dominican Junot Díaz’s latest effort, This Is How You Lose Her, a story collection that examines the haunting, impossible power of love. At the heart of these stories is the irrepressible, irresistible Yunior, a young hardhead whose longing for love is equaled only by his recklessness – and by the extraordinary women he loves and loses, including the love of his life, whose heartbreak ultimately becomes his own. According to Publisher’s Weekly, it’s “searing, sometimes hilarious, and always disarming.”

THE LIVES OF OTHERS: Bestselling author Zadie Smith, whose canon includes White Teeth, The Autograph Man, On Beauty, and the essay collection Changing My Mind, returns to bookstores this September with the brilliant, tragicomic NW, her new novel which chronicles four Londoners – Leah, Natalie, Felix and Nathan – as they try to make adult lives outside of Caldwell, the council estate of their childhood. Their London is a complicated place, as beautiful as it is brutal, where the thoroughfares hide the back alleys and taking the high road can sometimes lead you to a dead end. “[NW] is a triumph,” raves The Guardian. “As Smith threads together her characters' inner and outer worlds, every sentence sings.”

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  1. Zadie Smith is interesting. She is British with a Jamaican mother, and grew up in an area of London where I lived for a few years, which is far from glamorous. It has a high percentage of West Indians (and now Indians and other immigrant groups). However she had a posh Cambridge education. There are a couple of really grim little council estates in "NW" where many West Indians live...
    And at last the unprolific Mr. Diaz has written another book!! If you have not read "Oscar Wao" it is un-putdownable!!