Thursday, 9 August 2012

PLAY ON: Local theatre houses serve up lively Jamaica-50 fare this season

TRUE COLOURS: The cast of Fifty 2 Rahtid hits the streets.

Ever in the thick of things, theatre houses across the city are marking Jamaica’s golden anniversary by debuting a range of productions that not only aim to capture the celebratory mood du jour but also reflect our penchant for blending serious issues with music, laughter and touches of the dramatic. Urban (and eventually rural) audiences are all the better for it.

With a cast of seasoned pros and relatively new faces, Aston Cooke’s latest revue, Fifty 2 Rahtid, is currently treading the boards of the Pantry Playhouse. Just a few blocks away, Patrick Brown’s Yard 2012 is doing business at Centrestage with the promise to delight theatregoers with the playwright’s signature mix of wicked wit and gut-busting humour.

Over at the Theatre Place, meanwhile, viewers and reviewers of Stanley, Fay, Pularchie & P have been kept busy trying to come up with superlatives to describe the power and vintage appeal of the 1930s-set family classic.

Whimsical entertainment with a sense of hopeful reflection? These days, that’s the hottest ticket in town.

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  1. I absolutely loved Stanley et al. Charming.