Monday, 13 August 2012

TALK OF THE TOWN: Bolt for CNN's Piers Tonight? + Is Carolyn Cooper right?

“Right now I have done what I wanted to do so I don’t need to worry about motivation at this point,” says six-time Olympic gold-medallist Usain St. Leo Gold, referring to plans for his post-London chapter. “When I set my next target I will figure out how to motivate myself. I have done what I came here to do, so there are no more goals right now.” Meantime, noted British journalist and host of CNN’s Piers Tonight, Piers Morgan, has extended an invitation to Bolt to appear on his show. Morgan, who recently chatted with Veronica Campbell-Brown, presented the offer via Twitter after Bolt’s stunning gold-medal run in the 200M last week at the Olympics. Will Bolt accept? Given his superhectic itinerary, who knows? But I think he should do it.

Twenty-first-century Jamaicans, are we truly a nation united as “one” as our motto informs? Nope, argues cultural studies professor Dr. Carolyn Cooper in her latest Sunday Gleaner column (“Out of Many, One Problem”). Emphasizing that a plethora of deep-rooted contradictions continue to plague our society – but especially those pertaining to skin colour and social standing – Cooper says “we’re still afraid to confront the issue of race and that’s why we continue to take comfort in our deceptive national motto.” Point taken. The inconvenient truth is, while we all belong to the cabinet labeled “Jamaicans,” that same little cabinet remains riddled with rungs and compartments.

It’s almost time! In less than a month from now, beauty queen and Smile Jamaica hostess Yendi Phillipps will end her reign as the hottest pregnant woman in Jamaica as she brings her first child into the world. So exciting. And of course, I’m wholly looking forward to being a godfather. Such a huge responsibility!

Introducing Dr. Portia Simpson-Miller. Jamaica’s hard-working prime minister on Sunday served as the keynote speaker at the Graduation ceremony for the Northern Caribbean University’s Class of 2012 in Manchester. During the ceremony, Simpson-Miller was conferred with an honorary doctorate, bestowed in recognition of her decades in Public Service. Hearty congratulations to Sista P.

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  1. Piers Morgan is a groveling fan. Hope he doesn't smother Usain with kisses. Yes, he should do it! Though dear Piers himself has his critics...

    As for Dr. Cooper, she has stirred up a hornet's nest. I completely disagree with some parts of her article and think it may just open some old wounds. But maybe they need to be opened, cleansed, and sewn up again. We shall see. No doubt that race is a huge issue in Jamaica though. As a white woman, don't I know it.

    Congratulations on your pending godfatherhood! Lovely for Yendi, although personally I would like them to tie the knot. I introduced myself to her at the Help Ja Children march in May. She was so sweet, and so tiny! Will it be a boy or girl or don't know??

    Re: Sista P's honorary doctorate - not the first, right? I don't see the point of these things. You have to study for a degree.

  2. Sista P could write several books on politics, patient endurance and everything it takes for a Jamaican woman to rise to the top in the face of "bad treatment". There is no one more deserving of an the honour than Portia Lucretia Simpson-Miller. She didn't buy it nor sidle up to anyone for it. She earned it.

    Carolyn Cooper is going to die of frustration in trying to get white people to be penitent about their "position" in the society and black people to accept that they don't have to bleach for God to accept them. This is not a fight she is going to win by being as mean spirited as the Jamaica whites who are just "niggers" to the red necks in America or their betters in Europe. Only in the small pond of Jamaica are they any fish let alone big fish.

    They have not intent of unloosing the stranglehold because it jingles money in their cash registers. it will take the generation of Usain Bolts who know deep down who he is because of his gifts and talents which outshines anything they do and who they are at every level to level the playing field and "time come." Thanks to Usain's parents for raising him to be a champion and an example of the true representative of the Jamaican national goal - "Out of Many One People."