Wednesday, 22 August 2012

TALK OF THE TOWN: Vaz not saying a word; Damion Crawford’s got street cred

It appears that Opposition MP Daryl Vaz has found himself in hot water over some serious cop-bribing allegations that have now surfaced. But Mr. Vaz’s lips are sealed, as he says he’s under strict orders not to utter a single word without the consent of his attorney.

Did junior tourism minister Damion Crawford really tweet about ‘shelling down’ the O2 in London? The evidence is far from circumstantial. Seems Mr. Crawford is very intent on holding on to his ‘street cred’. Still a bad boy at heart.

English for second-language in our secondary schools? Some folks are starting to overdo this down-with-the-Queen crusade.

Early-bird special… Television Jamaica is already on the hunt to acquire the local broadcast rights for the 2016 Rio Olympics, including a possible partnership with SportsMax. After sending shockwaves throughout the island this summer with the admission that they had no feed from the London Games, the station is taking a more proactive approach from hereon.

A pair of those new Tom Ford Malin Purple Havana 83t shades. Sleek redefined.

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  1. Way to go Mr. multilingual Minister. Your constituents understood you clearly. I hope you did us proud at the O2. We know you can rise to any occasion. There are those of us who are truely proud to be Jamaican and not ashamed to claim and use our language.