Friday, 10 August 2012

TALK OF THE TOWN: What People Are Talking About Right Now

Dear Waggonists, Usain Bolt has a message for you: You’re not fooling him. “Big up to my true fans, not the waggonists. The ones who still supported me even when I lost,” said the double Olympic champion during an interview with a Caribbean TV reporter following his golden run in the 200M on Thursday. The man is calling it as he sees it. #TeamBolt

Still in London, 800M runner Kenia Sinclair recently took to her Facebook page to vent that non-medalling athletes in the #TeamJamaica camp are being ignored. She went on to point out that in particular hurdler Melaine Walker, who failed to make the 400M finals, is being ostracized. Sigh. Frankly, I feel that the whole Melaine Walker case is in a category all by itself because people just don’t have the stomach for her nonchalant attitude. Walker’s post-race interview still have folks scratching their heads days later. As for Powell and Gonzales, I humbly plead the fifth.

Elsewhere, CVM TV is on the hunt for a new CEO because the recently-installed one, Al Edwards, has tendered his resignation with immediate effect. Edwards made the announcement on Thursday during an emergency staff meeting, days after he reportedly reprimanded a staffer from the sports department in full view of onlookers. In his previous life, Al served as editor of the Observer’s Caribbean Business Report.

What’s hot right now: Winning a medal at the Olympics

What’s not: Increasing the price of someone’s favourite magazine from $580 to $700. I’m just saying.

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  1. Yes, Ms. Walker's interview was indeed puzzling. She is a mystery wrapped in an enigma, as someone said.
    I think it doesn't always work when a journalist becomes a manager. It's a whole different ballgame. I'm sorry about Al.
    As for Mr. Bolt, I think he is talking to the press a bit too much. Calm down nuh, Usain.

  2. If Melaine had an issue with someone in management at the camp, spiting ur country by jogging is not the way to go. dats pure pettiness. a so me see it!