Thursday, 9 August 2012

TELLING DETAIL: Must-read new personal accounts from Leonie Forbes + Allan ‘Skill’ Cole

THE BIG PICTURE: Acclaimed actress, powerhouse broadcaster, celebrated cultural icon, Leonie Forbes has worn many hats throughout her illustrious life – an active and estimable stage, screen and television career included. Now comes her long-awaited memoir, Leonie: Her Autobiography, a collaboration with Prof. Mervyn Morris that illuminates her journey to legend and a woman in full. (Due out in September).

STIRRING UP BOB: Ever since news broke that Allan ‘Skill’ Cole was set to publish a book about his friendship with Bob Marley, the aptly titled The Bob Marley I Know, anticipation has been sky-high. After all, Cole – a one-time manager, football colleague and confidante of the late reggae legend – knew Bob more intimately than most. As he has noted in interviews given earlier this year, in addition to offering readers a fresh perspective on Bob Marley, it will let loose a shocking new revelation or two. Consider me intrigued. (Due out in October).

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  1. But, sorry to say - don't we know everything we need to know about dear Bob's rather short life in painstaking detail?? Are there REALLY any more shocking revelations to reveal?? Everyone claims to know him intimately these days (OK I know Mr. Cole was pretty close to him but still...)