Tuesday, 21 August 2012

THE PURPOSE-DRIVEN LIFE: T.D. Jakes shares secrets to move from living to thriving

You have the power to get everything you want in life, whether you’re trying to motivate yourself to go back to school and get that degree; become financially self-sufficient after years of depending on a spouse, lover or family member; or leave your good-paying job to start your own business. But first you have to believe it, says Bishop T.D. Jakes, internationally renowned minister and bestselling author, who in his book Reposition Yourself: Living Life Without Limits, shows us how to move from survivor to success.

Imagine A New You:

It’s about having a belief in Self that is grounded in faith and putting that faith to work. This is not a faith that simply feeds a hunger for capitalism, making money for money’s sake. It’s deep-seated. Without it, no one experiences tried-and-true success.

Create Your Own Change:

We cannot stay rigidly when life is changing constantly. God sometimes shows you new things and teaches you how to use new tools through some simple, if heart-wrenching, lessons about adapting to change and the blows that change sometimes brings.

Acknowledge your Past, but Move Past It:
The past is not a death sentence. And deciding to go in a different direction than the one we’ve been taking doesn’t necessarily mean we failed or didn’t finish a task.

Know Your Power:

Some of what happened in our parents’ generation needs to be rethought. What happened last year, last week, yesterday needs to be rethought. Find your truth. Change your mind. “That was right for me at 20, but at 45 I’m going to take an art class. This is your life being repositioned.”

Take Care of Yourself:

Growth is the good news. The bad news is that it does not occur without inconveniences. There’s pain to be endured during the quest for further growth and progress. You have to make a conscious decision to work some self-care into your schedule. We’re made to believe that all this stuff is organic; that it’s natural. But it’s not. It’s intentional. It takes effort, force, planning.

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