Sunday, 26 August 2012

TOO HOT FOR TV: Konshens and Leftside catch heat over explicit new music video

ADULT CONTENT: Leftside (right), Konshens and a friend.

Konshens and Leftside have been very naughty boys. The dancehall duo’s NSFW visual for their sex-charged track “Clap Dat Booty” – an orgy of strip-club flesh and frolic – has set off a fierce firestorm over what is acceptable and not acceptable as far as entertainment in the public domain goes.

The dissenting comments, particularly those expressed via social media, have ranged from ‘What were they thinking?’ to ‘This video is demeaning to women.’ The way I see it, though, these days Konshens and Leftside are completely in the throes of pushing the so-called boundaries while redefining themselves as entertainers (and individuals). And, quite naturally, they are bound to make creative missteps along the way.

But the primary point I want to make is the fact that while it is fully within an artiste’s power to release a visual aimed at adult-only audiences (in the tradition of shows like BET Uncut) that piece of creative expression won’t strike a pleasant chord with all onlookers.

Meantime, stemming from the fallout over the clip (which graphically depicts eye-popping action inside a dimly lit exotic club), a safe-sex/condom PSA starring Konshens has been pulled from rotation on local TV. Apparently, his involvement with “Clap Dat Booty” has been deemed to be at odds with the commercial’s core message of sexual responsibility.

So in light of such recent developments, how will Konshens – a deejay in his prime and at the top of his game – be perceived from hereon? Well, he’ll be the first to tell you that he’s simply a young man keeping it real. “If you’re surprised, or if you were a fan of the pretty, nice boy, I think you’re going down the wrong road. [I’m not] the clean, pretty, nice boy that you think. It’s a regular yout’ [doing] regular people things,” the flame-haired star tells the Entertainment Report. “I have to be real, 100 percent, because my career is about me being real.”

>> If you must (and are over 18), watch the video HERE.

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  1. not only the video...the song is also lyrically questionable...

  2. Is there something wrong with being a "clean, pretty, nice boy"?? I only saw the PSA once but thought it was pretty good. What a shame. And how boringly sexist and misogynistic. Be "real" then, and trashy like all the others, if that's what you really are. Why not change your name while you're at it? Call yourself something really tacky and sexist. Go ahead.

  3. By the way also too hot for YouTube. They have removed it as a violation of their policy on nudity or sexual content.