Thursday, 27 September 2012

BITS + PIECES: Rhone’s classic Old Story Time finding new life

FAMILY TIES: The late Trevor Rhone’s timeless tale of rural Jamaica, class, and domestic strife, Old Story Time, is set for a Kingston revival in October, with a noteworthy cast led by stalwart performers Winston ‘Bello’ Bell (as Pa Ben) and Dorothy Cunningham (as Miss Aggy). The production, which also features Patria-Kaye Aarons, Michael Forrest, Devon Yetman and Keneisha Bowes, is being produced by Sydney Reid and helmed by the School of Drama’s Eugene Williams. “[Rhone’s] iconic representations of the internalisation and vicious legacy of the prejudices of race, colour and class – and the indomitable strategies of the peasantry to overcome these obstacles – have resonated with poignant familiarity across the Jamaican and Diaspora landscapes over the past fifty years and beyond,” notes Williams. Old Story Time, first published in 1981, opens at New Kingston’s Stages Theatre on October 5. 

Also coming to the stage: Ginger Knight’s seventies-set family affair Whiplash, the 2012 production of the Mona-based University Players, starring Nadean Rawlins, Orlando Lawrence, Shanique Brown and Brian Johnson, and directed by Brian Heap. Opening Oct. 6 at Philip Sherlock.

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