Sunday, 30 September 2012

BUZZ REPORT: Konshens speaks on proper parenting + Delcita strikes out on her own

MOVING ON: "I am [a woman of] standards, and people say I’m miserable and gwaan like mi a diva,” says actress Andrea ‘Delcita’ Wright, speaking with CVM’s OnStage over the weekend about her surprising exit from Stages Productions. “Standards are why Oliver Samuels has been around for such a long time, and Andrea ‘Delcita’ Wright wants to be around for a long time.” Striking out on her own, the crowd-pleasing actress and single mother says she plans to raise the bar in local theatre circles with her very own Big Stage Entertainment, whose first production is the comedy CourtHouse Drama, opening Oct. 12 at the Olympia Crown Hotel. 

REAL TALK: "My concern is that you can’t please everybody. So I’m just being me and being real. It all boils down to being real,” offers ace deejay Konshens in a sit-down last week with OnStage’s Winford Williams. As for the backlash over that adults-only strip-club video, the entertainer says, “I am in no way apologetic. Mi nah apologize none at all. There was no effort made to send it to the general public and to the immediate media. So you would have to log on to YouTube and prove that you’re 18 and over to watch it. Parents have the responsibility to protect their kids from big-people tings. I think we need to find back that line as parents first.”

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