Monday, 24 September 2012

COMING ON STRONG: 5 Young Power Players In It to Win It

Playing to win, these outstanding young Jamaicans, 30 years and younger, are making moves, breaking ground, and changing the rules of the game. A sampling of the new power generation... (Above from left: Konshens, Linton-George, Blake and Saulter.)

KENEEA LINTON-GEORGE: The Designer as Maverick 
Fashion designer; Host/exec producer, Mission Catwalk 
Age: 30 
If today’s young fashion Jamaican fashion designers appear more determined than ever to excel internationally, it’s in no small part due to Linton-George’s entrepreneurial drive and business brilliance that fuels the hugely successful Mission Catwalk brand as she opens doors for a new generation of local (and regional) couturiers. 

STORM SAULTER: Look Local, Think Global 
Filmmaker, Innovative Artist 
Age: 29 
Whether filming music video clips or feature-length productions like his award-winning Better Mus’ Come, Saulter brings a cool-edged, rebellious streak and a poignant worldview to his work that continues to leave viewers in awe. 

KONSHENS: Building Dancehall Nation 
Recording artist; President, SubKonshus Records
Age: 27 
The high-riding hitmaker has been the one to watch since the release of such debuts smash hits as “Winner” and “Realest Song”, and now a full-grown leading man in the industry (with global appeal and a huge fanbase), he’s undoubtedly become the poster boy of his generation. 

ALEX MORRISSEY: The Value of Teen-Boy Fixations 
Age: 24 
The optimum example of what can happen when youthful zeal is combined with enterprising smarts to create a mega-successful endeavour. In Morrissey’s case: the now four-year-old, which continues to feed a music-obsessed world. 

YOHAN BLAKE: Watching the Throne 
2012 Olympic gold and silver-medallist 
Age: 22 
Sprinting’s young prince (and heir apparent) embodies a fearless drive and determination that has powered him all the way up to the Olympic podium, while never letting us forget (not even for nine seconds) that he’s a man destined for greatness.

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  1. Sorry, I don't think Konshens should be on the list with the controversial song and video that he did. Vash

  2. Vash, in spite of the controversy, we still believe he earned a spot on the list. Thanks for the feedback.