Tuesday, 4 September 2012

CRITIC’S NOTEBOOK: Who are theatre's awards-season frontrunners? Here are 10 to watch...

TWO CAN PLAY: Silvera (left) and Camille Wilson share a scene.

We’re drawing increasingly closer to the end of year, and that can only mean one thing: time to turn the spotlight on the fast-approaching 2012-13 awards season. So far this year, local theatre has yielded a middling crop – an assorted bag of star-heavy revivals and tepid new shows – but, mercifully, some bonafide highlights did manage to work themselves into the mix. I’m talking about those standout performances that have been stirring up early buzz – and, to my mind, are truly worthy of the attention. A look at 10 of this season’s most promising contenders:

Risanne Martin in “Ruined”
A bravura breakout performance from the Trini-Jamaican actress in an engrossing ensemble drama. I was (almost) moved to tears.

Akeem Mignott
in “Fifty 2 Rahtid”
Comically splendid work but with an astonishing maturity that suggests an actor in an evolutionary vortex.

Makeda Solomon
in “Second Chance”
Though this Fairfield revival yielded mixed results, Solomon’s captivating work was its main source of lifeblood.

Suzette Barrett
in “Pularchie”
Masterful and utterly intriguing, Barrett gave dimension and depth to a truly monstrous revenge-seeker.

Sherando Ferrill
in “Pularchie”
The show’s robust cast produced quite a few standouts, including Ferrill’s compassionate turn as a devoted, longsuffering spouse.

Dennis Titus
in “Pularchie”
By far one of the year’s biggest surprises, Titus could emerge as the Best Actor frontrunner for his stellar work as a conflicted husband whose past catches up with him.

Sharee McDonald-Russell
in “Yard 2012”
The musical revue had its shortcomings, but McDonald-Russell’s scene-stealing presence loomed large in a number of the stronger sketches.

Keiran King in “Mr. & Mrs. Blacke”
Also eyeing a Best Actor bid this season, King gave a largely winsome account of his gifts in the emotionally charged marital drama.

David-Andrew Reid in “Hercules”
An engaging showcase of vocals and dramatics from the fast-rising song-and-dance actor.

Deon Silvera in “Fifty 2 Rahtid”
A perennial contender, Silvera turned it out with a series of laugh-out-loud pieces (and quite effortlessly too) that reminded everyone that the queen still reigns.

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