Sunday, 2 September 2012

HEAT & DUST: Two eerily compelling thrillers to see this week

Tell No One (2006)
Director: Guillaume Canet

Riveting and endlessly intriguing, France’s Ne Le Di A Personne (Tell No One) is the sort of original art-house hit that seamlessly blends drama and perplexing mystery to create a mesmerizing, haunting piece of filmmaking. Eight years after Alex’s (François Cluzet) wife and childhood love Margot (Marie-Josée Croze) is murdered by a serial killer, she emails him out of the blue but with the warning that he is to tell not a soul that she has been in contact with him. You don’t have to be conversant with the finer details of the plot to know that things aren’t what they seem. The strange correspondence touches off Alex’s frantic search for answers and the eventual uncovering of a shattering family secret. Gripping, well-acted and well-wrought, this one stays with you long, long after you’ve seen it. [French with English subtitles. Running time: 126 minutes.]

Compliance (2012)
Director: Craig Zobel

In all my years of watching and reviewing films, Compliance is perhaps the most infuriating one I’ve ever seen. Here’s the skinny of the film, which was inspired by real-life events: a prank caller, posing as a cop, rings up a restaurant and accuses an employee (Ann Dowd) of theft, which the young woman vehemently denies. Overwhelmed, the restaurant manager (Ashli Atkinson) complies with the ‘officer’s’ wishes to detain the employee. This choice begins a nightmare that sadly blurs the lines between prudence and expedience, reason and legality. And, to my mind, it simply shows the lengths some are willing to go to please authority figures. You’ll either watch the whole thing to discover how things are ultimately resolved – or turn away out of annoyance. [Running Time: 90 minutes.]

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  1. Yep. These two sound interesting. And the original "Heat and Dust" is still one of my favorite movies, I have it in my collection!