Thursday, 27 September 2012

NEWS + NOTES: Publisher Ian Randle to receive prestigious Dutch-based award

GETTING HIS DUE: “I am totally elated. Considering that I do not know who nominated me for the award, it was totally unexpected, but a pleasant surprise nonetheless,” says Ian Randle on being among this year’s recipients of the prestigious Prince Claus Award in Holland. “If I ever had doubts that this is a reality, then this award shows that [our company] is indeed reaching our markets on the global scale.” The Jamaican publisher (founder of Ian Randle Publishers), who earlier this week landed on TALLAWAH’s list of Jamaica’s 15 Most Profoundly Influential People, is among 10 persons from nations around the world (Syria, Mexico, Tunisia) to receive the annual award, which honours outstanding achievements in the field of culture and development. 
AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER: According to Britain’s Daily Mail, Monica Lewinsky is writing a tell-all book about her affair with former US President Bill Clinton, which resulted in a scandal that left her financially embarrassed, unable to get a job and with shattered dreams. Friends of the 39-year-old former White House intern claim Lewinsky is determined to publish the book, which will reportedly include her intimate love letters to the ex-President and how he desired threesomes. And while Lewinsky is yet to sign a deal, it had previously been claimed that publishers were scrambling for the book and had offered her as much as $12 million.

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