Sunday, 2 September 2012

ON THE SCENE: Bolt in Zurich + PM Simpson-Miller in Port-of-Spain

LEADING LADIES: Aug. 31, Trinidad. Jamaica's Portia Simpson-Miller (greeting her Trini counterpart Kamla Persad-Bissessar) recently visited the Twin-Island Republic to participate in a number of celebratory activities, including the Independence Day Military Parade, the President's Toast to the Nation on the 50th Anniversary of Independence, a private luncheon hosted by Persad-Bissessar, a national awards ceremony, a cultural show, as well as the Prime Minister's Golden Jubilee Gala. (Photo: Jamaica 50).

TICKET TO RIDE: Aug. 30, Switzerland. The World's Fastest Man gets the superstar treatment, alongside his bovine pal, at last week's Zurich Diamond League meet in Europe. Racing in the 200M (and leading home a 1-2-3-4 Jamaican finish), Bolt set a new meeting record of 19.66 secs. Up next is the Belgacom Memorial Van Damme meet in Brussels on Sep. 7. According to the event website, all 47,000 tickets have been sold out since mid-August. (Photo: Reuters).

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  1. Enjoy it while you can Usain, it is fleeting enough, bue ensure that you fulfill a greater purpose as an ambassador of peace for your country as your "take away" when it is all over. True Legends leave a real track and real records of enablement and ennoblement for others to follow to a nobler life.

    As Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King III, himself a legendary young man of many great achievements said in his biography:

    "One of the frustrations of any young man is to approach the heights at such an early age. The average man reaches thi spoint maybe in his forties or early fifties. But when you reach it so young, your life becomes a kind of decrescendo. You feel yourself fading from the screen at a time you should be starting to work toward your goal. ...Frankly I am worried to death. A man who hits the peak at twenty-seven has a tough job ahead. People will be expecting me to pull rabbits out o fthe hat for th erest of my life. If I don't or there are no rabbits to be pulled, then they'll say I'm no good. (Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King III, Quoted in the New York Post, April 15, 1957)

  2. Usain you are a wonderful blessing to your country. Just remember, to whom much is given, is from whom much ultimately required. You wield much power on the world's stage now, but with that comes the power to do a lot of good for a lot more people than others can and be the great example that Jamaica needs to do and be exalted by righteousness. May God bless you to this end.

  3. It is amazing how the war of words between Jamaica and Trinidad has ceased since the new female prime minister of Jamaica took office and determinedly embraced and obviously built a relationship. It is so simple. It is relationship that allows us to know each other's heart and able to ascribe the best motives towards each other. Let the people of Caribbean learn from these two leaders that it is relationships that will allow us to survive and thrive, not ignorance and "bad mine." Nuff said! Let's start the "Pen Pal" movement again, only this time seeking out Caribbean people and using modern technology to communicate heart to heart.

  4. It is easy for these two female PMs to hug and kiss and yes, it's lovely to see, but what are they doing for their respective countries? Every time I visit another Caribbean country I am struck by how fragmented the region is, and don't see that changing...

    As for Mr. Bolt - yes, fame is fleeting. Make the most of it. But what on earth is he doing with an oversized stuffed cow on what seems to be a golf cart? That photo needs a more detailed caption - a bit of background!! :-)