Thursday, 6 September 2012

ON THE SCENE: Keneea Linton-George + Tahnida Nunes + Gregory Williams + Asafa Powell

EASY DOES IT: Aug. 25, Kingston. With his 2012 track season now behind him, sprint star Asafa Powell has been spotted unwinding on the city's thriving club scene, most recently inside Club Privilege for the "Absolut W" party in New Kingston, alongside pal Russell Battick. (Photo:

NATURE AND NURTURE: Sept. 5, Kingston. Bonding with one of the wards of the Glenhope Nursery during a visit by the Reggae Boyz and sponsors Digicel, Tahnida Nunes exudes the warm, easy glow of a first-time mommy. (Photo: Digicel)

IT'S A SIGN: Ahead of his departure for the UK in a couple weeks to take up sartorial studies, Gregory Williams (Mission Catwalk's season two winner) gets some assistance from NCB's Janice Ellis-Matthews in setting up a new business account. Keneea Linton-George and Marva Peynado, manager of NCB's New Kingston branch, share in the moment. (Photo: Mission Catwalk)

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