Thursday, 27 September 2012

ONLY THE BRAVE: A Letter from the Editor

It goes without saying that a magazine’s “Special Power Issue” needs not only the right cast of influential figures to bring it to authentic life but additionally the right cover star who can sell it – and this year that honour falls to Nadean Rawlins, current reine of the Jamaican stage, quiet activist, fashion enthusiast, and longtime free spirit. 

When time came for me to choose this month’s cover subject, Nadean, who is experiencing a career high and great personal triumphs (“Singular Sensation”), was at the top of my list. From main-starring in a new theatre production (Whiplash, opening Oct. 6) to drafting proposals for a new talent-nurturing programme she plans to pitch to local schools, the actress remains a compelling presence in the artistic community, and seems to thrive best on a busy schedule, while standing out as one of the truly brilliant stage sirens of this generation. 

And speaking of her brilliance, it would be remiss of me to not tell you that the cover shoot theme (an avant-garde meets modern-day affair) was entirely Nadean’s idea. She pitched it to me over the phone, and I couldn’t resist. In the end, it worked magically. From the wonderful location (the quaintly charming Devon House mansion) to the wardrobe selection (courtesy of the ever-reliable Quindell Ferguson), everything came together perfectly to give us some amazing photographs and memories to cherish. And all this bears testament to Nadean’s incredible capacity for bold and clever concepts, thinking on her feet, and taking the initiative. (Thank you, thank you, Nadz.) 

Similar qualities could be cited to define the 20 luminaries, movers and shakers, and all-around great Jamaicans who populate TALLAWAH's two-part power portfolio (“The 2012 Power List” and “Coming On Strong”). Drawn from the worlds of politics, entertainment, sports and media (to name a few of the areas), these are only some of the fearless individuals who are profoundly shaping the cultural Zeitgeist in a Jamaican context with their talent, clout or leadership by example – and all deserve to be acknowledged for their remarkable and continuing efforts. 

Like Nadean, these amazing Jamaicans remind us that “having power” is one thing, but how we use it to teach and transform and save lives – and help us grow as a people – is what really counts. With power come awesome responsibilities. To whom much is given, much is expected.

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