Monday, 3 September 2012

OUT & ABOUT: Storm Saulter + Mo Farah + Michelle Serieux + Nile Saulter + Frederique Rapier + Usain Bolt

WELL SUITED: Sep. 1, England. Ever the altruist and impeccably turned out in black and white, the World's Fastest Man steps out in support of the inaugural Mo Farah fundraising ball at the Grosvenor Hotel in London. Bolt's donation - the pair of spikes he wore during his golden 100M run at the Olympics - fetched a whopping £39K at the charity auction. (Photo: JAB Promotions/Rex)

TRUE ORIGINALS: Sep. 1, England. While attending the Mo Farah fundraising event, Bolt posed for snaps with a few other famous folks like Dan Gillespie Sells, lead vocalist of the increasingly popular pop-rock band The Feeling. A source tells The Sun, "Usain was incredible; he stayed on stage for 25 minutes and had the 1,500-strong crowd in the palm of his hand." (Photo: The Feeling)

CREATIVE ZONE: Sep. 2, England. Ahead of a screening of their new anthology film Ring Di Alarm!, New Caribbean Cinema filmmakers Storm Saulter (right), Nile Saulter and Michelle Serieux, alongside Sharea Samuels, address a packed audience inside the British Film Institute (BFI). (Photo: Frederique Rapier)

IN FOCUS: Sep. 2, England. Nile Saulter, director of Coast and The Young Sea, shared lens time with photographer/artist Frederique Rapier at the BFI premiere. (Photo: Frederique Rapier)

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