Thursday, 27 September 2012

SHINING TIME: With talent and tenacity, up-and-comer Darrio is one to watch

WATCH ME NOW: “Hard work, hard work, and more music."

Though not yet a household name, Darrio seems poised to be dancehall’s next big thing. The fast-rising SubKonshus deejay, who has already earned a well-deserved spot on the roster of emerging Jamaican talents who matter, is now looking to cement his place in the industry. 

“Right now is a good look for the progress that I’m making inna the music business because ah years now mi ah do this,” he told TALLAWAH last Tuesday night following his pulsating performance alongside Konshens at Usain Bolt’s Tracks & Records. “So with the little attention that ah turn my way now, I feel good about it. So ah just more work mi ah put in.” 

Armed with a knack for clever rhymes, a booming baritone, and a wicked flow that suggests years of practice, the 26-year-old (né Darrio Johnson) whose popular cuts include "School Fee" and "Touch Di Road," reveals that dropping a mixtape for the fans is among the plans he has in the pipeline. “Right now I’m working on the mixtape, but the problem is that I got too many selector friends so I don’t know who to give the job to to make the mixtape. So maybe mi drop all three mixtapes one time, because it’s a bag of songs.” 

Meanwhile, he has nothing but high praises for Konshens, his SubKonshus labelmate with whom he has recorded such notable tracks as “Hooked On You” and “Gal Sidung.” “Konshens is like my bigger brother musically,” he explains. “So he teaches me a lot about the music, like singing on key and a whole heap of other things. He teaches me things as a youth because he’s a youth that’s very hardworking and intelligent, so him have whole heap fi teach you.” 

With 2012 almost over and a New Year on the horizon, Darrio feels its time to step up his campaign for even bigger success and stardom. “How I plan to end this year is just like how I start it,” he says. “Hard work, hard work, and more music – and try to get the name and the face Darrio out there some more.”

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