Monday, 24 September 2012

TALK OF THE TOWN: Chino & Yendi’s new blessing; Bolt confirmed for CNN appearance

TALK TV: Usain Bolt has another big interview on the horizon, as the Olympic legend is set to make his first appearance on CNN’s popular Piers Morgan Tonight in October. On Monday, Piers confirmed Bolt’s upcoming guest appearance on his show when he tweeted, “First my @PiersTonight booking team land me 2 Presidents... Now they've got me The King: @usainbolt is coming to the CNN studio in 2 weeks.” Wonderful. In August, the sprint superstar was a guest on Britain’s The Jonathan Ross Show

BABY LOVE: TALLAWAH joins the rest of the world in offering hearty felicitations to beauty queen Yendi Phillipps and her musician beau Chino McGregor on the birth of their gorgeous baby girl, who entered the world last Friday, weighing seven pounds and 11 ounces. “She looks really sweet and precious,” a source told me on the weekend. It’s the first child for the couple who announced their pregnancy to much criticism earlier this year. Meantime, what name have they selected for the child? Stay tuned…

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