Thursday, 20 September 2012

THE BUZZ REPORT: Sprint star Usain Bolt keeps racking up the big numbers

FOLLOW THE LEADER: Olympic legend Usain Bolt has always been a magnet for huge figures, and I’m not just talking about his (estimated) US$20M net worth. In the aftermath of his shattering performances at the London Summer Games, the sprint superstar has been attracting big numbers in the realm of social media that speak volumes of his incredible appeal across the globe. To date, Bolt has amassed a hefty 9 million (and counting) fans on Facebook and some 2.1 million followers via Twitter – making him, essentially, the most popular Jamaican alive. 

BABY, BABY: Any day now.… Beauty queen Yendi Phillipps and musician-boyfriend Chino McGregor will be adding to their nest really soon. Yendi’s cravings in this final lap? “It's 10:15am and I've already consumed a slice of cheesecake, garlic crabs, fritters, okrah & saltfish, dried mango, 3 gatorades....,” she recently tweeted. 

CASTING CALL: On the theatre scene, playwright-director David Tulloch is heading back to New Kingston’s Theatre Place next month to stage his newest effort, Wine & Roses, a dramedy starring the likes of Rosie Murray and Keisha Patterson. Writer Paul Beale, meantime, is anticipating the debut of his latest comedy, Court House Drama, opening Oct. 12 at the Olympia Crown Hotel, with stars Andrea ‘Delcita’ Wright and Dennis Titus.

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