Thursday, 20 September 2012

YEAR IN REVIEW: Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake address journalists at post-season press conferences

[UB’s Tracks & Records. September 11.] Following his extraordinary exploits at this past summer’s London Olympics, the World’s Fastest Man candidly reflected on a season highlighted by a handful of gold medals in the sprints, celebrating his 26th birthday with the iconic Hublot family in Switzerland, and racking up several wins on the Diamond League circuit. “I just have one thing to say: Never doubt a champion,” said Bolt. “I want to thank my real, true fans. There were a lot of doubters, and a lot of people were happy that I lost the [National Trials] and were saying a lot of things. But my true fans, my coach, and my team gave me that support and were 100 per cent behind me. I want everybody to continue supporting Usain Bolt, Doctor, the Honourable.” 

[Spanish Court Hotel. September 14.] Meanwhile, sprint sensation Yohan ‘The Beast’ Blake, who has been honing his cricket techniques of late, sat down with media reps a few days later to discuss his next chapter. “My true potential was not shown at the Olympics, because if you look back at my races after the Olympics I was running really fast,” Blake noted. “I was really nervous... but I got two silver and a gold, so I am happy.” Added Blake: “I want to finish this (athletics career) as early as possible, so I can play my cricket, like somewhere around 28, 29 or 30.”

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