Tuesday, 16 October 2012

BABY LOVE: Singer CE’CILE breaks silence on the joys of mommyhood and returning to the spotlight

MAMMA MIA: "It’s a welcome change," says Ce'Cile of being a parent.

One of the first things that strike many people when they encounter Ce’Cile is that radiant glow that seems to light up her face. These days, the singer’s luminosity is through the roof, thanks in no small part to the bliss that has come into her life with the recent arrival of her first child, a gorgeous daughter she has named Christiyana

Making her first stage appearance since Christiyana’s birth – and looking every inch the glamorous diva in all-black and big hair – Ce’Cile rocked the National Arena Monday night (alongside beau Chris Martin), paying tribute in song to the London 2012 Olympians. 

Naturally, TALLAWAH caught up with the hot mama after the performance to hear all about life in Mommyville, her advice for other young and working mothers, and how’s she plotting her return to the spotlight. 

TALLAWAH: You’ve entered an amazing new chapter in your life as a first-time mommy. Are you enjoying the ride? 
Ce’Cile: It’s great. I love my little daughter. She gives me hell. I don’t sleep at nights, but then again I never used to (Laughs). I love bonding with her. I’m trying to figure out if she knows me differently from everybody else, and I think she does. It’s a great feeling and a welcome change for me, and I think it’s just about balancing everything, and that’s what I’m trying to do: doing my music and spending quality time with my daughter. But every part of it is good – the diaper changes, the no-sleep, everything. 

When it comes to getting your pre-baby body back, what’s that been like? 
(Giggles) I’m 23 pounds overweight! My trainer Juliet Cuthbert is dying to get me back in the gym. I haven’t been able to go back to the gym because for my delivery I did a C-section. You’re getting the exclusive here. I haven’t really spoken to anybody about that. But you know it’s motherhood, and I don’t mind sharing that part of me with my fans. I share what I want when I want to share it. That’s how my private life is. 

What’s your advice for other young and working Jamaican mothers? 
I just want to encourage other young mothers out there, especially the fans of mine, to know that you can do your thing; you can get back to work. It’s all about balancing quality time with your baby and working. We all have to do it. 

Speaking of work, are you excited about returning to the bright lights? 
Yes! I probably missed like 70 shows. I counted (Laughs), but I’m ready to go back to touring in Africa and doing all the things that I missed doing this year. 

Like the charitable Make-A-Change project in Kenya… 
We’re still doing that. A lot of the work needed to be put off because I was pregnant, but we’re looking forward to doing a lot next year. Everything that I missed out on, plus a lot more. 

You seem to be on such an emotional high plane. It’s wonderful. What’s your game plan as you step into your personal and professional future? 
Just continue to work hard. I’m interested to see what I come with as I get back to writing. And it’s just about being happy and excited about life, and I’m having fun with it.

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  1. Of course she knows her differently than anyone else - she's her Mom! But, as usual, I don't hear any mention of a DAD around? "Balancing" time is a lot easier with the other, essential, parent to help...

  2. Is having a c-section big news?