Monday, 15 October 2012

BITS & PIECES: Yohan Blake wants to help the less fortunate + How fatherhood challenges Chino

STEPPING UP: “As much as we can’t keep the music current and hip, we have to keep it tasteful and try not to go overboard,” says reggae-dancehall hitmaker Chino, speaking with The Gleaner on how fatherhood has inspired him to greater musical responsibility. “At the end of the day, the kids have to be able to grow up and appreciate the music and listen the entire catalogue without being ashamed.” As for personal change in his own life, the father of two notes: “Some things have to change, but for the most part I’m usually a laid-back, reserved person outside of my career.”

GIVING BACK: Ever since the start of his off-season from athletics, Yohan Blake has been giving free rein to other passions – like cricket and philanthropy. “Professionally, I would love to play regional cricket,” he confesses to the Style Observer, while expounding on personal and professional goals he has set for himself. Blake, who has agreed to next month’s Food for the Poor/5K Walk in Florida, says he sees a bright future ahead for his own not-for-profit foundation. “Personally, I would love to provide assistance to the less fortunate and I hope to do that soon through my YB Afraid Foundation,” admits Blake, whose culture faves include emotional films like The Notebook and acclaimed pageturners like Push by Sapphire. Persons can buy a T-shirt at Joseph’s, and all the proceeds go towards the foundation.”

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