Tuesday, 30 October 2012

CRITIC’S NOTEBOOK: Casting the God’s Way sequel + Tracking Wine & Roses

Who will land the male lead in the keenly anticipated God’s Way 2
“Directing is 90 percent casting,” a wise thespian (I presume) once noted. After all, a director’s choice of actors can easily make or break a show. So with the arrival of a first sequel for the Thespy-winning drama God’s Way mere weeks away, speculation is rife over which leading man playwright-producer Dahlia Harris will cast in the all-important role of Carlton Martin, the fresh-out-of-jail husband who must face the music and his family in the wake of mind-boggling, life-altering revelations. God’s Way: Carlton’s Redemption is scheduled to begin previews at the end of November at Stephanie Hall in St. Andrew. Stay tuned… 

McLean replaces Hunt in Wine & Roses 
Speaking of talent, playwright-director David Tulloch told me last week that he has found a replacement for actress Denise Hunt, who had to drop out of the upcoming revival of Wine & Roses due to scheduling conflicts. Racquel McLean, who previously appeared in Tulloch’s Confessions, joins the star-studded cast that also includes Rodney Campbell, Rosie Murray, Keisha Patterson and Carl Davis. But another issue has come to the fore: finding a suitable venue to host the production, as the previously booked Theatre Place is presently in hot water over “noise pollution” allegations. Sidebar: We simply can’t afford to be losing our theatre spaces, especially at this crucial time in our history.

Special shout-out to Abigail Grant, who gives a star-bright, comically rich turn in Scandal. Could she eventually join Suzette Barrett as a serious contender for the supporting-actress Thespy? It would come as no surprise. Just goes to show that my instincts about the fast-rising performer were on-point all along. If only she had access to more challenging and cerebral material. I suggest that Harris or Tulloch or even Basil Dawkins give her run in a future dramatic production, then we’d really get a sense of where her true gifts lie.

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