Sunday, 21 October 2012

EXCLUSIVE: Queen Ifrica on her blissful new life – and must-hear upcoming album

FAN MAIL: The artiste, with Isis (a supporter) at the Arena last Monday.

Whether it’s on account of her penchant for elevating songs like “Lioness on the Rise” into anthems of fierce individuality and womanhood or her one-of-a-kind appeal that mixes street-smart toughness with a surprisingly sweet singing voice, Queen Ifrica remains a beloved presence in reggae. 

As it happens, with a new baby at home and a new album on the way, the award-winning star is enjoying a change of pace – even as she plots a return to the top of the charts. TALLAWAH caught up with her at last Monday’s cultural celebration for the London Olympians inside the Arena. Below, excerpts from our conversation: 

TALLAWAH: You’ve been MIA from the spotlight for quite some time spending time with your kid. How is motherhood this time around? 
Queen: Beautiful. It’s not my first child, but it’s a new child and I’m just enjoying growing him. I’m loving it. 

So where are you based right now? 
I’m back in Jamaica now. 

Lovely. Bring us up to speed on your latest career goals? 
Well, I’m just working on the new album for VP Records right now. We’re looking at next year to release it. I just voiced a single the other day for Notice Productions, so that’s one of my latest [tracks] about to hit the road. 

What else do TALLAWAH readers need to know about your life at this point? 
I’ll be going on tour in Europe later this month for a month. Then when I come back it’s Christmas season so I might do Sting. Not sure, but Mr. Laing is checking. So, for me, right now the focus is on finishing the album, releasing more music, and raising my baby and enjoying my life. 

What do you plan on calling this album? 
I have a title in mind, but I’m not talking it yet (Laughs). It should have come out already; it was due this fall, but now we’re looking at before the summer next year. 

Speaking of summer, our Olympians (and Paralympians) performed astonishingly well in London this past July-August. What did you feel? 
You know seh mi proud. Mi happy. And I like the effort where the government is at least trying to let some of them get some monetary benefit, because a lot of times they complain about not being appreciated. So I’m happy to see this being done for them.

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