Sunday, 21 October 2012

ON THE RECORD: Singer Chris Martin gets real about raising daughters – and having World Cup potential

STAND BY YOUR MAN: Martin with sweetheart Ce'Cile inside the Arena.

As reggae-soul crooner Chris Martin drives his recording career to thrilling new heights (check out his marvelous new hit “Prettiest Thing”), his personal life is increasingly taking on new meaning and added significance. Recently, the singer welcomed his second child – and first with girlfriend Ce’Cile Charlton – into the world. And he says he couldn’t be more joyous. 

And though he and the lady love have remained faithfully mum on their romance, TALLAWAH did get him to dish on life in Daddyville at the recent cultural celebration in Kingston for the London Olympians. And did we also mention that Chris is a whiz on the football field? 

TALLAWAH: So, Chris, how have you been finding the experience of being a dad? 
Martin: As you know this is my second daughter, and it’s a lovely, lovely experience. It’s a lovely little girl and she’s healthy, and that’s the greatest thing to me personally. 

Has it been a challenge to strike the perfect balance between career and home responsibilities? 
There’s no stress, there’s no pressure, and I’m happy for that. It’s a blessing. There’s nothing that I can’t provide for my daughters, and it’s a joy for me. 

I saw your football match earlier at St. George’s. You’re pretty nifty on the field. 
Yeah man, mi have likkle zest (Laughs). Mi can do a little sup’m. If you see me at the World Cup mi can try a thing. 

But I assume you haven’t been able to hone those skills as much as you’d want to… 
Yeah, because of music, but it’s my favourite pastime, football. So any time I get a chance to showcase my skills on that level, I try my best to make it.

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