Sunday, 21 October 2012

ON THE SCENE: Wavell Hinds + Chris Gayle + Delano Seiveright + Lennox Aldred + Debbie Bissoon + Brian Lumley + Usain Bolt

SHOT CALLERS: Oct. 18, Kingston. Never ones to shy from the city's ever-busy night life, ace sportsmen Usain Bolt and Chris Gayle, who both had phenomenal seasons in their respective disciplines this year, recently caught up on the party scene in the capital. Inset, the World's Fastest Man salutes the Big Apple. (Photo: Chris Gayle/Josh Rothstein)

TRIPLE THREAT: Oct. 14, St. Ann. As we previously reported, the north coast was very happening over the Heroes' Weekend, so little surprise then that Gayle, Wavell Hinds (right) and Lennox Aldred were in the mix at Dream Entertainment's Bleu pool party at the Sunset Jamaica Grande Resort in Ochi. (Photo: Skkan Media)

PARTY OF FOUR: Oct. 16, St. Andrew. Last week's well-supported "Smoked Chicklets" launch at the Acropolis in Barbican brought out the likes of the JLP's Delano Seiveright (far right) and media It-girl Debbie Bissoon, as well as Managing Director Alex Antaeus (left) and Operations manager Stacey-Ann Gayle of Isle Chix Limited. (Photo: Skkan Media)

WHAT'S COOKING: Oct. 16, St. Andrew. Any major culinary-themed event in the capital is bound to get an appearance from top chef Brian Lumley (right), who shares lens time here with Isle Chix's Alex Antaeus at last week's launch of "Smoked Chicklets." (Photo: Skkan Media)

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