Tuesday, 30 October 2012

OUT & ABOUT: Winford Williams + Cherine + Bambino + Jodi Stewart Henriques + Sanjay Smith + Shauna-Gay Hart + Safiya Cooper + Usain Bolt

FRESH START: Oct. 30, St. Andrew. It's back to the training field for the World's Fastest Man, who kicked off preparations for his 2013 season with some laps at the Mona Campus on Monday. "Today marks the beginning of something great," the sprint superstar tweeted to his over 2 million followers on Twitter. Inset, Bolt about to board his vehicle for training day number one. (Photo: Usain Bolt)

BEST DRESSED: Oct 26, Kingston. Rocking this super-sexy red and black costume (and that preternaturally winning smile), Jodi Stewart Henriques gets the party started at last Friday's Appleton Black Uber Twilight halloween bash inside Club Privilege in New Kingston. (Photo: STUSH)

COUNTRY FLEX: Oct. 28, Clarendon. Last Sunday's Chillin' On The Farm All-Inclusive bash drew a bunch of lively, beautiful people to Murray's in Clarendon, including On The Verge host Bambino, alongside lovely wifey Shauna-Gay Hart and a close friend. (Photo: Skkan Media) 

DO THE TWIST: Oct. 28, Clarendon. The wise saying, "The couple that plays together, stays together.." seems to hold very special meaning for lovebirds Sanjay Smith and Safiya Cooper, who were spotted getting on bad at Chillin' On The Farm last Sunday. "They looked like two people freshly in love," an eyewitness tells TALLAWAH. (Photo: Skkan Media)
CAUSE CELEB: Oct. 25, Kingston. Reprising her gratifying role as spokesperson of the Yoplait Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, songstress Cherine Anderson recently stepped out in support of the launch of the "Save Lids, Save Lives" initiative in Kingston. Here, she shares lens time with General Mills' Sharon Neins (left) and Yulith Gordon of the Jamaica Cancer Society. (Photo: Cherine)

A MAN APART: Oct. 27, Kingston. Spotted having a blast in his bright shirt at Mello Vibes at the New Mas Camp on the weekend, On Stage maestro Winford Williams proves he's not all work and no play. (Photo: Skkan Media)

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