Wednesday, 10 October 2012

PAGE BY PAGE: Geoffrey Philp’s latest e-book + Mary Hanna on Winkler’s God Carlos

Renowned Jamaican author-poet and college professor Geoffrey Philp has put out his newest e-book, Grandpa Sydney’s Anancy Stories, a tender-hearted tale about family ties and standing up for oneself that should have your kids – and kids at heart – cheering aloud as they turn pages this season. 

Recently made available for free download via Amazon Kindle, Grandpa Sydney's Anancy Stories follows young Jimmy Harrison, who uses the moral of the Anancy story, ‘Tiger and Snake,’ to overcome a bully who has been terrorizing him. “Anancy stories have always fascinated me,” said Philp, whose oeuvre includes one novel, five volumes of poetry, a short-story collection, two children's books, and a play. “Because of his size, Anancy's opponents underestimate his ability. By using his intelligence, Anancy turns his weakness into strength and overcomes every obstacle. This is a valuable lesson that I hope our children will learn.” 

“Winkler writes a parable of godliness in his novel that takes the discussion well beyond any obvious worship of “the natural man.” His offering is sincere and authoritative, using irony and hindsight to leaven the mix. His contrasting of two cultures is thorough, and he has much to say about the (mis)treatment of women,” notes Bookends’ Mary Hanna in her dissection of Anthony Winkler’s historical epic, God Carlos (Akashic), out now.

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