Friday, 12 October 2012

PLAY IT AGAIN: God’s Way sequel set to captivate audiences with short run

TROUBLE IN PARADISE: Harris and Ainsley Whyte both won huzzahs for their portrayals. 

Alas, there’s more to the scintillating story, as the multi-award-winning gospel drama God’s Way (which copped three Actor Boy Awards and snagged two Thespies) has spawned a must-see sequel, God’s Way: Carlton’s Redemption, set to draw large audiences to the Stephanie Hall Auditorium (Immaculate Conception High) for six performances – from November 30 to December 2 and on December 8 and 9. 

According to DMH Productions’ head writer Dahlia Harris, the eagerly awaited sequel will not only continue to unfold the intriguing tale we witnessed in the first instalment but also explore issues relating to marriage, infidelity and forgiveness – with the focus primarily on Carlton, whose illegal activities and incarceration served as a catalyst for the action which unfolded in part one. After five years in prison, Carlton comes home to find his world turned upside down. As he hits the road to redemption, he must cope with a strained marriage, an illegal lifestyle exposed, and a standard of living way below his tastes. 

“The early response has been overwhelming,” states a release from DMH. “Several groups were disappointed that they missed out on both the initial and second run of God’s Way, and if they wait much longer they will miss this opportunity as well.” Though tickets are limited, the producers are still offering special benefit packages to church groups, schools and other organizations to assist with their fundraising efforts. Info: 352-6180 or

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  1. Personally I am always wary of anything with the word "God" in the title. I am a little tired of fundamentalist Christianity being thrust upon us in every aspect of our culture. Having said that, Dahlia is highly talented and dynamic and I wish her all the best with this production.