Monday, 15 October 2012

TALK OF THE TOWN: Captain Barkey’s deadly love-triangle; Mr. Vegas’ “messy” love life

Was Wayne ‘Captain Barkey’ Hamilton’s death the result of a love-triangle gone horribly-tragically wrong? It appears so. Sources inform the New York Post that the late veteran deejay and his female companion, Tracy Bennett, were gunned down (Saturday morning in a Bronx motel parking lot) by Bennett’s deranged, estranged ex-lover against whom she had taken out a restraining order (!). And like a scene out of a movie, people witnessed the whole thing. Oh, sweet Jesus. The Bronx police have reportedly taken the suspect into custody. Heartfelt condolences to the grieving family and colleagues. 

A source close to Mr. Vegas tell TALLAWAH that the entertainer is gradually making a return to “high spirits” in the wake of those scandalous, luridly headline-making goings-on in his private life. (The singjay is said to have caught his now ex-girl in the throes of heated passion in his house – with another man – and made his feelings VERY public.) “It was very messy,” says the source. “He’s slowly getting over it now, but what he really wants to do is protect his child from the mess that’s going on.” 

CVM is stepping up its weekly talk-show offerings in a major way – assembling an all-star line-up of successful professional ladies for a new gabfest dubbed The Naked Truth. Lawyer/politician Paula Kerr-Jarrett, actress Terri Salmon, The Gleaner’s Barbara Ellington and sexologist Shelly-Ann Weeks are the co-hosts. “[It] has all the promise of excitement, spontaneity and cutting-edge discourse that will push the envelope on women’s issues,” explains CVM’s Shamena Khan. Will you be tuning in on Sunday evenings? 

What’s hot right now: Finding Da One.. 

What’s not: Holding on to what’s holding you back.

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  1. I am not very interested in celebrities' love lives, but I know a lot of people are so I suppose the "in flagrante delicto" must be hot news to some... As for Captain Barkey, I can't really remember him and again this is just another lurid little story. NOW - the ladies on CVM - that shows promise!