Sunday, 21 October 2012

TALK OF THE TOWN: Mr. Vegas wants “full custody”; Whitmore avoids the axe, gets salary increase; Regina’s hot new man?

Word is beauty queen turned FAME FM host Regina Beavers has a hot new man in her life! A bit of “investigation” reveals his identity as the fair and dreadlocked musician Rasheed McCullum of the Blu Grass band. The twosome was spotted canoodling and getting on bad over the Heroes’ Weekend in Ochi, where a series of hot parties were taking place. “They never left each other’s side for a minute,” a reliable spy tells TALLAWAH. “She was smiling the whole time.” Get it, Gina! 

Instead of a pink slip, Reggae Boyz senior coach Theodore ‘Tappa’ Whitmore is set to receive a hike in salary from the JFF, thanks in large part to his guiding the squad to a place in the final round of the CONCACAF World Cup Qualifiers. (The Boyz beat the Antiguans 4-1 last Tuesday night at the Office to secure their spot.) Speaking at the post-match press conference, JFF boss Captain Horace Burrell revealed that if the team had failed to progress, Whitmore would have been given the axe. Woops! For what it’s worth, Whitmore gets the TALLAWAH endorsement as Head Coach because, for one thing, he seems to understand his players very well – and he’s what the programme needs right now. 

In the wake of that widely publicized infidelity scandal, veteran singjay Mr. Vegas is gearing up to fight the good fight in a bid to win full custody of his young daughter. “I am going to raise my daughter even if I have to lose my career, whatever fight I have to fight,” he told Winford Williams during a sit-down on last Saturday’s On Stage. “The reason I am her dad is to protect her…. I strongly believe a child should have both parents [in their life], but I think I am the right person.... My kids come first.” Meantime, we hear that the entertainer is scheduled to make appearances on Ian Boyne’s Profile and The Susan Show. By the way, is it true that he deleted his Twitter account? 

What’s hot right now: Purple power and pink passion. 

What’s not: Green with envy.

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