Wednesday, 10 October 2012

IN CHRIST'S SHOES: Williams brings power and charisma to the plum role of Jesus

IN HIS IMAGE: Williams at the National Arena. Inset, on stage.

Some people act to explore themselves, but stars like Wynton Williams relish the challenge of inhabiting the life of someone else, and over the years the lavishly gifted actor/musical arranger has done so with astonishing range with lead performances in blockbuster musicals like Moses and Acts of the Apostles by Father HoLung & Friends. 

Effortlessly exuding the aura and charisma of a leading man, Williams was recently seen in a well-made production of The Messiah!, positively losing himself in what is quite possibly the role of a lifetime: Jesus Christ, whose betrayal, crucifixion and resurrection form the crux of the rousing story. 

So how does one prepare to take on such an iconic part? “A lot of deep reflection, especially upon the Scriptures, the gospels – and to try and really identify the best I can with the character,” Williams confesses. “I can never fully identify with the depth of it, but it’s worth the tremendous effort. I pray God is pleased. That’s what I pray.”

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  1. More religious stuff. Oh dear. Well, I suppose there is a guaranteed audience and I do admire our local radical priest for his social work.