Sunday, 18 November 2012

HEAT WAVE: Cherine keeps it fun-flirty and na-na-naughty in scorching new vid

LEG WORK: Choreography features prominently in Cherine's latest.

When the trajectory of a true artist’s career ascends to dramatic new levels (or enters a compelling new chapter, for that matter), admirers and onlookers are bound to witness a significant difference manifested in their creative output. When it comes to Cherine, who has never been accused of lacking inspiration and innovation in her craft, her latest effort comes bearing a loud label: “Approach With Caution. Brace For Impact.” 

So small wonder that her hyper-kinetic and supersexy new video, “Haffi Come Back,” marks a notable, dare-to-go-there departure: skin-baring outfits, tantalizing references to her sexual prowess, and a series of choreographed dance sequences so athletic and provocative watching them performed feels like taking in a head-spinning clip from Step Up: Dancehall Revolution. To say the least, Cherine holds her own with those seemingly experienced backup dancers. 

For the record, I love the video. It’s edgy-gritty, amusing at times, and doesn’t feel like its leading lady is trying too hard to impress viewers. What’s more, it’s vibrantly filmed with a workman-like aesthetic, even as it showcases a commendable partnership among the players involved, including Cherine's detailed direction, which demonstrates that she knows how to make all the requisite elements blend together to create a hugely entertaining package. I felt so satisfied at the end, I had to go back for more. Tyrone's Verdict: A

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  1. SERİOUSLY!where did those cirque du soleil dancers come from????? WİCKED! Take them on tour with you Cherine. This video reminded me of Patra back in the days. Cherine is real original and she can dance too.

  2. WİCKED! Where did those "cirque du soleil" dancers come from. this video reminded meof the Patra era only in styling. Cherine is so creative.