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IN THE FAST LANE: Highly motivated and totally driven, Regina Beavers is living life on her own terms

As she prepares to take on the biggest challenge of her career: spearheading a creative camp for kids this Christmas, Regina Beavers learns the value of speed with caution – and what it takes to become a woman in full. Story by Tyrone S. Reid. 

It’s a sunny Thursday afternoon in the city, and Regina Beavers is having a decidedly unglamorous moment. Perched on a flight of stairs by the Wyndham poolside in New Kingston, the stunning beauty is in the throes of our photoshoot, but one can’t help but notice that her forehead is dotted with pearls of sweat. We take a break from the shoot to freshen her makeup and resume snapping away. 

 The perspiration becomes completely understandable though once Regina begins to recount the perplexing ordeal she faced mere moments before pulling into the hotel’s driveway. Turns out, she was involved in a bit of an “accident” with a rather unobliging female motorist. It was nothing life-threatening, but to say the least, Regina was not prepared for what eventually played out. “I was shocked to see that this lady wanted to go to the police! That has never happened with me before,” she says, the shock evident in her voice. “Mi lick people already, and them just take my details and we sort it out. But this lady was carrying on and wanted to involve the authorities. So I had to just keep calm and proceed to take control of the situation.” 

To someone less experienced in crisis management, the situation could have easily spiralled into an utter catastrophe. But Regina chalks up her ability to bring a speedy resolution to the conflict to her faith in God and sturdy belief in herself. “When things like this happen I just talk to God in my mind, ask him to give me strength, ask him to give me favour, bring light to the situation,” she explains, “and more often than not it works out. And for me, there are lessons to be learnt from this. Regina, slow down still,” she adds with a laugh. 


Yes, the amusingly ironic metaphor hasn’t escaped her. A young and driven career woman leading a life in the fast lane will have to hit the decelerator every now and again. At just 28, Beavers’ plate is so high with responsibilities (both personal and professional), and yet she continues to make remarkable strides in her ongoing quest to become a woman in full. “I give thanks for being busy, because there are people out there who want to be in a position like mine. I take nothing for granted.” 

Navigating a seemingly well-rounded life in the public eye has been Regina’s lot ever since becoming the youngest-ever winner (at age 17) of the Miss Jamaica World crown over a decade ago. And we’ve watched her blossom gracefully over the years, taking on stints in television, stage and small-screen acting, pageant direction, and her latest move to FAME FM, where she now serves as co-host of their Monday-night gabfest Uncensored, alongside Rodney Campbell. “I’m still hungry, still going forward. I’m happy with what I’ve been achieving,” Regina tells TALLAWAH. “When I just started out, it was about learning the business and gaining my experience, and so I’m finally at the point where I feel like I can step out on my own and do something really big.” 

Enter her Expressions Through Creativity (ETC) camp for kids, set to get going this Christmas. “For years I’ve been talking to my friends about doing something like this, but what I really wanted to do was open a school, but that wasn’t too feasible an idea,” she explains. “Inside my soul and heart, I am a person who loves to share, who loves to interpret kids, who loves to teach. I’m very inspired by the little ones. And I’ve always wanted to give back; I believe in paying it forward. I’ve always had these ideas and desires, but I never felt confident and secure enough to step out on my own to fulfil the dream. So it’s finally happening and this camp is about teaching and helping the young ones to grow. Plus, there’s nothing like it now so I wanted to fill that void.” 


Seated across from in the foyer, just outside the hotel’s Independence Ballroom, Regina is dolled up like the Christmas perfect in a charming red-and-white ensemble, exuding the poise, warmth and radiant intelligence with which admirers have come to associate her. She’s telling me about that major turning point when her eyes were truly opened to the endless possibilities that await her. “When I left [CVM at Sunrise], that’s when I began to see the whole wide world,” she admits. “There always comes a point when it’s time to move on, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be in an upward direction, but it’s still progressive, and I could see that it was time. I wouldn’t say that I was stifled; CVM was amazing. But I have more in me; I have so much more to offer and whatever I do I’m gonna give it all I have.” 

And that most certainly includes her radio-hosting gig (“It’s been an easy transition for me; very smooth”); enjoying her weekly on-air sparring with Campbell (“I look up to him, and his ability to just be himself.”), as well as embracing the ever-changing dynamics of being mom to son, Gio, who is growing up at lightning speed. “As he gets older I’m learning to appreciate the moments I have with him now because I look back at the baby pictures, and I can never go back there. He’ll never smell like milk again,” she says, laughing. “But I learn to appreciate him at age 7 just as much as when he was six and younger. He can reason with you now. Challenging you now. And with my hours I get more time with him. Now I get to drop him to work every morning, which is beautiful.” 

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